Long time no see

I haven’t updated this blog in almost a month now! Wow time goes fast…

My life has been rather busy, and I also got a new job since the last update. I am now Lead Game Developer at 2nd Studio, who is a small game company here in the center of Denmark.

The plan is still to have a kind of playable alpha version of HackTech Online around Christmas this year. The mission center is done now, and the next step is to be able to complete the missions. But a lot of the work is done “behind the scenes”. So it will be easier and faster to develop the game as time goes.

I will keep you all updated with the development progress. Take care, and sit back and relax while I do some coding magic 🙂

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  • Systos

    Can’t wait to play!

    05:04 November 13, 2013
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