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Monthly Archives: December 2013

All alpha invites are now sent to the lucky selected ones! 😀

Happy bug hunting!

Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

I recently fixed a few major bugs in the game-core, and I’m getting ready for the first public alpha test release! If everything goes as planned, I will invite a group of testers, from the list of people who signed up for it at the website.
So keep an eye on your inbox the following weeks. You will get an email from me if you are selected as a game tester.

The game is progressing nice and fast! 😀

I just finished the resource meters in the bottom of the screen, and the hardware requirements for the in-game applications.
So next step is to make the log file handler (I’ll start on that tonight).


Here is a screenshot where you can see the CPU and RAM usage meters in use:

Ready for December