October update

Hello world!

It’s been a while since my last update.. But everything is fine 🙂
I made a CV/Portfolio site, and put a link to it, in the top menu here at my blog. You should really check it out !!!

Regarding HackTech Online, a few things happened.. (good stuff).
I’m currently working on the ingame server administration tool and the server market. That part really takes some time, because I have to extend my core a bit with new functions too… But it will be pure awesomenezz when it’s done. I also fixed a lot of bugs in the game, with some help from the great game testers. It’s really nice to see all the people who want to help me out with this project, and can’t wait for the game to be playable. That feeling is the best!

Oh, and the alpha interest signup list, is 352 unique people :O That is soooo cooool! All these people who want to tr the game. I should really work more on it when I have the time soon 🙂


Thank you for reading my blog post. I will hopefully update it a bit more often from now on.

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