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Category Archives: Development updates

Just to keep you guys, who read the blog, updated 🙂

I’m still working on the mission system. At the moment you are able to browse the different corporations and see the missions they offer. And also view a description about each corp. The next step is to be able to take a mission, and implement the functions for checking objectives. The system have to know what actions that is required to complete the current mission. But I’m making good progress with the development!

I also spent some time on setting up a version-control system yesterday. For both myself, but it is also nice to have if someone else is going to work on the project some day.

That’s all.. now back to coding!

Hello everyone!

This is my first HTO progress update on my new blog. First of all I would like to thank you all for liking the Facebook page, and for registering your interest for HackTech Online! It is people like you guys, who makes me want to keep working on the game.

For all of you who don’t know it, I’m aiming for the very first alpha version before Christmas this year. This will require a lot of work to reach that goal, but I hope I can make it. I wont need all of you as alpha testers for that version, so a group of people who registered their interest will be chosen, and receive an email when the time comes.

Currently I’m working on the mission system. So people will be able to complete missions for different corporations, and earn both trust points and money. These trust points can be traded for software and hardware at the “black market”.

Many people has helped me with ideas so far, and I appreciate them all! Some of them will make it to the final game, but a game is not an easy and quick thing to make. The first alpha test will be with far less features than the final game, but I still can’t wait to have it done so I can see you guys try it.

I will keep you updated with more news here, so keep an eye on this blog.