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Easter is upon us!! What to do, what to do.. 🙂

I’m attending to a GameJam here in Viborg (Denmark) where I live. But I didn’t know what to make for the theme “Click Bait”, so I decided to work hard on some deep HackTech Online stuff instead.
So right now I’m coding my ass off, to implement server roles, a few new hacker tools, and extending the new e-mail client I recently added to the game. The server roles is not an easy thing, but it’s an important game-mechanic for the players to earn money. And servers has to have a purpose… right? 😛 hehe

The game is coming along pretty well, and I got a lot of feedback from the recent alpha version. Also my todo list is beginning to lose weight, and that is a very positive thing. Of course the game is far from complete, but a lot of the code for the framework/core is taking shape, so everything is getting easier and easier to make. (Hurray for reusable code!!)

Here is a screenshot of the most recent alpha version:
Screenshot of Alpha 003



Well, I’m better get back to my code-space, and hammer some keys. Have a great easter, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook 😀

Yesterday we (2nd Studio – The company I work for) released our first iOS game: Skater Dash.

It’s an endless runner, like many others, but with a cool twist! You can bet real money against your friends and other players from around the world, and earn real cash 🙂
It wasn’t an easy task to make, but now it’s finally out there for you to play! There is also a single player mode, with online highscores using Game Center in iOS, so you can train your skater and cop dashing skills. hehe

So if you got an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOs 7.0 or later, go on and try the game.


This weekend I was at a GameJam, where we had to make a game in less than 48 hours!

I was the only programmer in my group, and we made this game called “FireFireMadness” 🙂 It is a game where you have to master your fast key-pressing skills and memory, to defend the city against Godzilla (who can shoot lasers!). So you have to remember a combination of keys, and do them within a time limit.

The game can be found at GameJolt here: