HackTech Online

  • Date: January 1, 2022
  • Categories: GamesWeb


HackTech Online is a semi-realistic hacking simulation game, set in a near cyberpunk like future.
All you need is a web browser, to be able to play with people from all around the world!

In HackTech Online no player is safe, and no firewall is good enough! You take part in the game as yourself, and have the option to fight against the bad guys on the net, or join them… Join or create a corporation with other players, and start your PvP hacking career. Or choose to complete missions for underground groups, big corporations or secret government agencies.

The game was never completed, as it was a personal project, with me as the only developer and almighty digital god, creating everything by myself.

You can now find the game on GitHub or try the pre-alpha prototype here.