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I’m planning a personal challenge, I call “The digital old-school challenge”. The idea is to experience my teenage years (again), with only technology and devices I used at that time. In my case this was around 2002 to 2006. By technology I mean phones, computers, games, software, operating systems, consoles, media etc. has to be made before 2006.

The challenge is going to last from 5 to 7 days, and will hopefully show how “difficult” it is to go back, and how dependent and important technology have been to us.


The rules:

  • You have to use a phone and computer related to the years you were a teen.
  • Use software that existed at that point. (Examples: Windows 2000/XP, Winamp, MS Office 2003, IRC and so on.)
  • Only play games made before 2006.
  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram must only be used to document the challenge! You are allowed to use Facebook Messenger or Skype for instant messaging, because services like MSN Messenger is no longer active.
  • All music you hear, and movies you see, must not be newer than 2006.
  • Other devices like MP3-players and cameras etc. can only be used if they are made before 2006.
  • (Optional) If you want to go hardcore, you can also limit your internet connection to 1-3 Mbit.


For my personal challenge I will use an old IBM Thinkpad (X series) with Windows XP, and an old LG phone with a crappy camera and no internet connection or apps.


If you are up for the challenge, please message me on Facebook or Twitter! I would love to hear about your experience!