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I personally think there should be more code related video material made in Danish! That’s why I thought: “Hey! I could help with that!”.

So here I am. I made my first YouTube video ever, with an introduction to version control systems like Git. Enjoy 🙂

Remember: It’s in Danish!

Recently I modded my good old friend… A Sega Master System 2 from my childhood, I’ve kept since 1993.

The mission were to make it possible to use composite/AV connectors on my TV, instead of the old RF signal port. This Sega console had to be hooked up between your analog TV antenna and your TV. With a switch box you could select to use the console connection, or the normal TV signal.

But since I hate connecting that thing, searching for the right channel, and lack of compatibility with modern TVs, I decided to mod my Sega with new video and audio output.

There were just one problem… Most of the guides tells you to hook your components up to a SONY chip. But my Sega had a much smaller Fujitsu MB 3514 chip instead. So I couldn’t solder my wires to the pins on my chip. So we had to wire it all on the backside, as you can see on the pictures.

It all went VERY WELL! Within a few hours my girlfriend and I modded the old beast, into a bit more modern console 🙂

My modded Sega Master System 2
Pin layout for the Fujitsu MB 3514 chip

Recently I published my own personal startpage on GitHub 🙂

It’s called NeoStart, and is primarily made for myself, as my startpage. But now you can download it, customize and use it as you want.

It have the following features:

  • Easy Google search.
  • Random beautiful background images from unsplash.
  • Fast search on your favorite websites.
  • A fancy clock.
  • Temperature display of the weather on your location.
  • Display friendly quotes depending on the time.

You can check out a demo if it here:

And if you want to use it as your own startpage, you can get it from GitHub here:

I finally uploaded my home-modded wireless doorbell sketch to github!

It’s a regular wireless doorbell, modded using an Arduino UNO. Instead of fancy happy tunes, or the Titanic theme, it will play a part of The Imperial March from Star Wars.

You can find my GitHub repo here:

avecdo is the webshop-tool project I work on every day at my job. It just went open beta today, and is now live and ready for you to sign up!




avecdo is best described like this:

Connect your shop with services such as Google Shopping, Pricerunner and Facebook, without spending hours on programming and customization!
avecdo analyzes your product feed and transforms it into new feeds that are readable by the services of your choice.

As a result, you can easily streamline the flow of information between your e-commerce solution and other popular shopping sites.

Visit and register for free! Or read more about this awesome tool here:


Just a small update from my world…

This Monday (6th of March 2017), I began working for Modified Solutions ApS.
I know it is a fast job switch from the previous job, but this offer were too good to avoid 😀

My new job-title is “Senior PHP Backend Developer”, and I’m working on this awesome project called “Avecdo“.
I’m sure this is going to be a great adventure, and I’m ready for the ride!

A new year, a new job, a new mission!

The crowdfunding campaign for “Jazon and the Dead” didn’t succeed. So the project is now (sadly) on hold…
Without money we were unable to continue, and I suddenly didn’t have a job anymore.
I turned to a company called Eyeforce, I helped out last year. They had an open position, so now I’m a backend web developer, smashing buttons again, while I do some PHP and Javascript magic 🙂

Crowdfunding campaign

As some of you may know, I’ve been working on a game project called “Jazon and the Dead“, together with my friends Dennis and Nikki at 2nd Studio. We have already developed a demo of the game, but to take it further we NEED YOUR HELP! We set up a crowdfunding campaign on the Fig platform, to help raise money for the project. The campaign just went live today (31st of October 2016), and will run for a month.
If you think our zombie action-adventure game deserves a chance, then visit our campaign page here at and support us 🙂



What is the game about?

Jazon and the Dead is a top-down 3D action adventure game for PC and Mac. The game combines intense action with puzzle solving, in a immersive player driven story.


  • A tailored player driven story. This is your story. Each choice you make has consequences for your path and will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Problem solve your way out of tense situations before the slow brain devouring creatures reaches you.
  • Intense action with a heavy gun or a bloody fist the choice is yours but a split second is the difference between life and death.
  • Explore a world set in a sci-fi setting, inspired by movies from the 80’s. Meet crooked characters throughout the dying wasteland.
  • A unique comic book inspired world. The visual look is dark and gritty with ink lines and black shadows combined with stylized character.
  • Groovy 80’s inspired soundtrack. That sets the mood for each event your encounter.


My role in the project

I’m the main programmer of this game (aka. the 1337 code ninja who processes Cola into ones and zeroes combined with black magic).
We use Unity3D as our game engine, and C# for coding. I’ve been working on this project for a long time, but this is the final countdown for the future of the project. It’s so exciting, and I really hope the crowdfunding campaign will be a success!

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone, and got one of those fancy Samsung Gear VR sets bundled with it.
After checking out the Oculus Store on the S7 Edge, I soon noticed many of the games require a controller… damn! “Luckily” I had an OUYA controller I thought I could use, because my Samsung phone aint rooted, and can’t use my PS3 or PS4 controller. The OUYA controller connected fine, but the analog sticks were totally fucked up. In-game they kept moving round in circles etc. So I had to find another solution.

Then I found this cheap-a$$ Asian controller called iPega PG-9017S Bluetooth Controller. I hurried up, and ordered one for like 14 €, and crossed my fingers for a few weeks until it arrived today 🙂
The controller feels a little plastic-like, because of the build quality. But at least for that price, it was okay. I had some trouble getting it into the right mode, but after pressing HOME and held down the A button for a few seconds, while pairing made it work as intended!

I’ve played Minecraft and EVE:Gunjack and a few other titles so far, and it works great! 😀

Previously I’ve tried the first Oculus Rift DevKit, and Google Cardboard with various phones. But I have to admit, the Gear VR experience is the best I’ve had of them all so far.



In my world everything is digital… 1 or 0. Good or bad, alive or dead, success or failure, love or hate.
But I’m a positive person by nature, so I will try to focus on the 1 digit 🙂

At my job, me and my friends are working on our own game “Jazon and the dead” at the moment. And as the only programmer there is a lot of code to write. That is a good thing, because I love programming and to create new things! I also made our (2nd Studio’s) website a while ago.

At the personal front, I’m looking forward to the good weather, and a warm summer. I’m also thinking about writing a few articles about programming and game-development, later this year. Just to spend my time doing something useful for other people 😉 If you have any ideas or requests, just send me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Regarding HackTech Online, the development had been on hold for a while. But that is not a bad thing… I got a new member on my “team”, so we are now two developers making the game! Wooho! We are actually a real team now. lol.
The new guy is my good friend Søren aka. Thufir. We have known each other for more than 10 years, lived together back in the college days, and we are both pretty geeky when it comes to electronics/computers and programming. We hope to be able to make the game a (virtual) reality sooner than if I had to do it all alone. So thank you buddy, and welcome on the ship.

If anyone is interested in a chat with me, Thufir or fans waiting for HackTech to be made, you can find us at Discord here:


That was all my ones for now. Be safe, and HACK THE PLANET!