Mission system almost done + todo list

Since the last post, I completed the mission system! The players are now able to view, accept and complete missions, and even get rewards for them.
The title says “almost done”, and the reason for that is the only actions the mission system will accept at this point is “get file” missions. This is missions where the player will have to download a file to complete the task. But it’s is very easy for me to add other actions. I just need to make the h4x0r tools needed to complete other mission types 😉

The next thing I am going to work on, is how the game handles in-game websites, and then complete the password cracker module. Both things shouldn’t take long.


There is still a lot of things on my todo-list for the first alpha version. I don’t know if they all will be made in time for it, but here is a small list of some of the things on the top of my todo:

  • CPU/RAM/HDD status meters, so you can keep an eye on how your gateway use the hardware resources.
  • Make each app/module use hardware resources (some of the basics is already made).
  • Log file handler. A place where the player can view log files on their machines, and even delete traces after a successful hack.
  • More tools!!! Like a portscanner, system-analyzer and file en-/decrypter.
  • And a lot of behind-the-scenes game engine stuff…


I can’t wait to let you people try the early game mechanics and the interface! I’m more excited that you are! lol

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