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I sadly realized that I don’t have the time to complete the development of my game project: HackTech Online.

The development progress has been very slow for a long time, but I don’t want the game to die. That is why I now released the whole source code on Github, so you can download it, change it, play it, copy it to floppy disks or what ever πŸ™‚ Please just read the project’s readme first.

It has been a hard decision, but I think it’s better that someone can learn from it, or maybe even make it fully playable, than it just stays in my “pocket” forever.

The project can be found here:
And if you would like to try out the last official build of the game, just go to and register using the unlimited invite key “hacktheplanet“.

Stay safe, and thank you all for following the project for such a long time <3



In my world everything is digital… 1 or 0. Good or bad, alive or dead, success or failure, love or hate.
But I’m a positive person by nature, so I will try to focus on the 1 digit πŸ™‚

At my job, me and my friends are working on our own game “Jazon and the dead” at the moment. And as the only programmer there is a lot of code to write. That is a good thing, because I love programming and to create new things! I also made our (2nd Studio’s) website a while ago.

At the personal front, I’m looking forward to the good weather, and a warm summer. I’m also thinking about writing a few articles about programming and game-development, later this year. Just to spend my time doing something useful for other people πŸ˜‰ If you have any ideas or requests, just send me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Regarding HackTech Online, the development had been on hold for a while. But that is not a bad thing… I got a new member on my “team”, so we are now two developers making the game! Wooho! We are actually a real team now. lol.
The new guy is my good friend SΓΈren aka. Thufir. We have known each other for more than 10 years, lived together back in the college days, and we are both pretty geeky when it comes to electronics/computers and programming. We hope to be able to make the game a (virtual) reality sooner than if I had to do it all alone. So thank you buddy, and welcome on the ship.

If anyone is interested in a chat with me, Thufir or fans waiting for HackTech to be made, you can find us at Discord here:Β


That was all my ones for now. Be safe, and HACK THE PLANET!





Yeah, Everything is OK!
CatbugI had a small break from all the HackTech coding, and other personal projects… But I can assure you, that everything is fine, and I’m enjoying my life.

HackTech has been moved to my own dedicated server, instead of a normal webhost. I don’t regret it, because now I have way more control than before πŸ™‚ And no stupid limits of a shared host. The interest signup list for the game has reached 950! omg! That is almost a thousand people that want to see my game become a reality! I’m amazed, and as more people have joined my community forum, I want to make this game more than ever.

Right now I’m working on more tools, and is soon adding some real missions ingame, so people actually have something to play πŸ˜‰ All my hard work with the engine and base framework is helping me a lot, so I can develop new features and missions faster. So keep an eye on the HackTech Online facebook page, and at the community forum for more recent updates.


Besides all the HackTech stuff, it’s *supposed* to be summer here in Denmark. A bit cold wind and rainy the last week, but I’m hoping for a bit extra heat in the last part of my summer holiday. It’s so nice to sit in the park on a blanket with my laptop and code in the summer. All the nice colours and warm air makes me more productive and creative.

I hope you all have a nice summer πŸ™‚ See you around.


Easter is upon us!! What to do, what to do.. πŸ™‚

I’m attending to a GameJam here in Viborg (Denmark) where I live. But I didn’t know what to make for the theme “Click Bait”, so I decided to work hard on some deep HackTech Online stuff instead.
So right now I’m coding my ass off, to implement server roles, a few new hacker tools, and extending the new e-mail client I recently added to the game. The server roles is not an easy thing, but it’s an important game-mechanic for the players to earn money. And servers has to have a purpose… right? πŸ˜› hehe

The game is coming along pretty well, and I got a lot of feedback from the recent alpha version. Also my todo list is beginning to lose weight, and that is a very positive thing. Of course the game is far from complete, but a lot of the code for the framework/core is taking shape, so everything is getting easier and easier to make. (Hurray for reusable code!!)

Here is a screenshot of the most recent alpha version:
Screenshot of Alpha 003



Well, I’m better get back to my code-space, and hammer some keys. Have a great easter, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook πŸ˜€

Hello world!

It’s been a while since my last update.. But everything is fine πŸ™‚
I made a CV/Portfolio site, and put a link to it, in the top menu here at my blog. You should really check it out !!!

Regarding HackTech Online, a few things happened.. (good stuff).
I’m currently working on the ingame server administration tool and the server market. That part really takes some time, because I have to extend my core a bit with new functions too… But it will be pure awesomenezz when it’s done. I also fixed a lot of bugs in the game, with some help from the great game testers. It’s really nice to see all the people who want to help me out with this project, and can’t wait for the game to be playable. That feeling is the best!

Oh, and the alpha interest signup list, is 352 unique people :O That is soooo cooool! All these people who want to tr the game. I should reallyΒ work more on it when I have the time soon πŸ™‚


Thank you for reading my blog post. I will hopefully update it a bit more often from now on.

There haven’t been any updates for a long time. Sadly..
But I’m still here! Alive and still kicking some code-ass πŸ™‚

The recent months I’ve been busy with my job as game developer, w0rking on “Jazon and the Dead” at 2nd Studio. It is turning into a really cool game, with a very unique art-style and humor. I gonna tell you more about that in a later post when we have some cool stuff to show to the public.


Of course there is also HackTech Online. My child, my dream, my game. I’ve been working hard on the mission system, fixing bugs, new features and so on. One of the new features are “Hal”, the ingame AI-helper who will be a huge part of the storyline and gameplay in general. He has his own personality, his own abilities and yeah.. a lot more I can’t reveal at the moment.

He looks like this, and is able to speak to you in-game.

Hal the AI

Hal the AI



Right now (tonight) I’m working on the log system for the game. So the players can see what happens at their servers, gateway and so on. I know this has been planned for a while, but a lot of things have come in my way. If you have any cool ideas or comments about the project, just join the facebook page or forum, and tell me about it πŸ™‚

All alpha invites are now sent to the lucky selected ones! πŸ˜€

Happy bug hunting!

Merry Christmas everyone! πŸ˜€

I recently fixed a few major bugs in the game-core, and I’m getting ready for the first public alpha test release! If everything goes as planned, I will invite a group of testers, from the list of people who signed up for it at the website.
So keep an eye on your inbox the following weeks. You will get an email from me if you are selected as a game tester.

The game is progressing nice and fast! πŸ˜€

I just finished the resource meters in the bottom of the screen, and the hardware requirements for the in-game applications.
So next step is to make the log file handler (I’ll start on that tonight).


Here is a screenshot where you can see the CPU and RAM usage meters in use:

Ready for December

Since the last post, I completed the mission system! The players are now able to view, accept and complete missions, and even get rewards for them.
The title says “almost done”, and the reason for that is the only actions the mission system will accept at this point is “get file” missions. This is missions where the player will have to download a file to complete the task. But it’s is very easy for me to add other actions. I just need to make the h4x0r tools needed to complete other mission types πŸ˜‰

The next thing I am going to work on, is how the game handles in-game websites, and then complete the password cracker module. Both things shouldn’t take long.


There is still a lot of things on my todo-list for the first alpha version. I don’t know if they all will be made in time for it, but here is a small list of some of the things on the top of my todo:

  • CPU/RAM/HDD status meters, so you can keep an eye on how your gateway use the hardware resources.
  • Make each app/module use hardware resources (some of the basics is already made).
  • Log file handler. A place where the player can view log files on their machines, and even delete traces after a successful hack.
  • More tools!!! Like a portscanner, system-analyzer and file en-/decrypter.
  • And a lot of behind-the-scenes game engine stuff…


I can’t wait to let you people try the early game mechanics and the interface! I’m more excited that you are! lol