VR Desert Racer for Android + Google Cardboard

In the weekend 4th to 6th of December 2015, I attended to a local GameJam at Arsenalet, Viborg, Denmark 🙂

My good friend and colleague Nikki, formed a team called “VRBoys”, and made the game “Desert Racer” for the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality kit. The game runs smooth at 1080p on my Sony Xperia Z3+ Android phone, and is made using the Unity3D game engine. Desert Racer is controlled by a Playstation 4 controller paired to my phone using Bluetooth.

Nikki made all the visuals, and I made all the programming. The game is a mix between the WipeOut games and Star Wars Pod Racers!

At the GameJam we won the prize for “Best Game Mechanics”, after all the attendees voted in different categories.

The whole game was made in less than 38 hours in total!! And to make a long story short… we were really tired in the end, and not even coffee or Cola could keep us awake. So after the show off at the end of the GameJam, we headed straight to bed… Proud for the prize, dizzy from all the playing with the VR set, and tired because of almost zero sleep. zzzZZZzzz….

All in total, a great jam, with a cool game with potential to be taken further 😉


(Note: We didn’t make the sound effects or music ourselves. The audio where taken from Wipeout 1 and 3 for the Playstation 1)

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